– Monkey&Leopard –

Monkey & Leopard, is a new professional dance performance for children under 10 years. Exploring themes of how children manage change, cultural differences and uncertainty. Looking at positive impacts of friendships, family, trust and acceptance vs. negatives of bullying, blame and exclusion. Revealing ways of communicating about and coping with different feelings and developing resilience, all illustrated through the development and interactions of animal characters, Monkey and Leopard.

A first idea of M&L was born from a duet between the artist Jo Lau and Ina Colizza. Subsequently, the co-directors of  Matrafisc with Jo Lau also had the opportunity to go through a period of research with other dancers and a musician. The R&D of this project was funded by the Arts Council of England.
At the moment this idea is a work in progress which the company and the associated artist look at as a possible project to be developed in the near future.


Monkey&Leopard Gallery