As a result of a collaboration between Matrafisc Dance Company and Vonnegut Colletive we present “Soul’s paths”, a site specific performance, grown around the idea of an inner journey that gradually goes deeper while experiencing the key themes of friendship, love, fraternal bond and sexuality. The journey itself starts the exact moment you step in.

Born from a deep interest in life stories and what makes us humans, Soul’s Paths is a metaphor of our society. Sometimes we are just too busy to enjoy the little experiences of the life… With this performance they reflect on life’s complexity. Follow Pied Piper (the violinist), through the building, from room to room, from scene to scene and explore in depth the challenges we all share…

Totally engrossing, passionate,poignant, reflective performance. #SoulsPath @InaColizza #Matrafisc #Vonnegut  @WonderInnNorth. Loved it!
Peter Carroll

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