– Study of Hands #2 –

Study of Hands is a project that delves into the work of Auguste Rodin, his focus on the body itself and its nature, his ability to achieve the integrity of each of its parts by a process of deconstruction and fragmentation of the human form. More precisely, the interest is on Rodin’s modus operandi and on the great variety of hands he carved, on the expressive resonance of those fragments and on how the sculptor was able to incorporate them in the whole of the human form.

For this project, Matrafisc Dance joins forces with the freelance dancer and choreographer Valeria Famularo. The idea for this work comes from a solo Valeria created in 2014, titled Study of Hands #1 (performed at Laban Building, London, as site-specific work, June ‘14; Echo Echo Festival, Derry, Nov ’14; Friday League, London, Feb. ’15; one week residency and 4 shows at Teatro Studio1, Rome, May ’15; Anima Mundi, Venice
Biennale, July ’19 as site-specific). Following the creation of the solo, and a collaboration with MD as dancer for Soul’s Path, Valeria decided to further investigate her idea. Therefore, In November ’18 she had a self- funded R&D at Salford University in Manchester, of two weeks with Ina Colizza, in order to research on a site-specific work for galleries. The creative idea is from Valeria, and she will lead rehearsals with the aim of
creating new movement language, with the collaboration and the creative inputs from Matrafisc Dance.


Study of Hands #2 Gallery